How valuable is freedom to you?
Wonderful memories are priceless. A day spent cycling through beautiful landscapes, exploring small villages, marvelling at the mountains all around, following the course of a river – what an experience! Trekking bikes love being on the road as much as you do: you alone determine the length and character of the ride. Thanks to the electric drive, longer trips are child’s play, luggage is as light as a feather, and the impressions gained all the richer.

Bike repairs are a thing of the past!
Reliability is a central concern at Brennabor no matter whether you are biking for relaxation or for training, not just being on the road is important, but also actually arriving at your destination. Which is why we make sure you can rely on selected high-quality components, such as sturdy Bosch motors and batteries offering up to 625 Wh for enormous range. Not to mention high-performance lighting systems producing up to 120 lux light output.

The choice is all yours:
gent’s, trapeze or wave frame, hub or derailleur gears, belt drive or the classic chain – mix and match for the perfect bike to suit your needs.

All aboard and ready for new adventures. Climb on!

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Comfortable long-range competence: the quality equipped e-drive trekker has the answer to all daily ride scenarios and on long-distance tours.

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Top trekking model for challenging daily commutes and weekend tours. With powerful e-bike support and equipment for all routes and seasons.

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