E-Allroad (SUV)

Ride how, when and where you like!
When you can hardly wait for the sun to finally rise, your Brennabor bike is ready and waiting for you. Your partner for every trail: it will canter over asphalt, raise dust on gravel, cruise across mountains and cut through forests. Hardly any other bike category holds such versatile and universal all-rounders in store – for tarmac tours, moderate off-road trails or comfortable cruising around town.

Bikes that pass every test.
Eine A suspension fork with 100 mm spring travel effectively irons out bumpy trail feedback, provides a super-supple and comfortable ride and gives you every possibility of exploring your surroundings. Brennabor all-road bikes sport compelling top-shelf components that cope with all the stresses and strains your ride confronts them with. A high-quality, robust frame with a semi-integrated battery forms the basis; a powerful, reliable Bosch mid-motor is your drive.

Components that really work.
Thanks to four-piston disc brakes and a 203 mm disc, you can rely on a superior braking system that gives you that extra bit of safety, especially in bad weather conditions. A gear shifter with a wide range of gear ratios takes the edge off even the steepest climbs – you alone define the limits.

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Hardly any other bike is such a do-it-all machine – a trekking bike for touring, a trail bike for moderate terrain or a comfortable bike for daily cycling.

E-Allroad (SUV)



However you want, whenever you want: the SUV blazes your trail. With an integrated, powerful drive and potent technology for high comfort and riding pleasure.

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E-Allroad (SUV)



Top SUV with guaranteed versatility, thanks to its powerful drive and coordinated technology. For direct routes on unforgettable tours.

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